Brazil World Cup: Learning the basics

Today is a perfect day for celebrations! It’s Valentine’s Day (Dia dos Namorados) in Brazil, the World Cup – hosted here in Brazil – finally starts and we got the wonderful news that our Twitter account was ranked 19th for Top 25 Language Twitterers 2014. The Top 100 Language Lovers 2014 competition was organized by and Lexiophiles. 🙂 

To celebrate one of these events – the World Cup – today’s post will be about Brazilian Portuguese, football and Brazil! What a perfect combination! We’ll list some of the most used terms and sentences in the World Cup in English and their translation into Brazilian Portuguese. Enjoy!


World Cup = Copa do Mundo
Brazil = Brasil
Brazilian = brasileiro(a)
Portuguese = português
Football = futebol
Ball = bola
Goal = gol
Goalkeeper = goleiro
Player = jogador
Stadium = estádio
Field = campo
Anthem = hino
Score = placar
Fan = torcedor
Cheer = torcer
Match = jogo
Tie/draw = empate
Referee = juiz
Coach = técnico
Commentator = locutor
Penalty = pênalti
City = cidade 

Some general useful sentences: 

Good morning = bom dia
Good afternoon = boa tarde
Good evening/night = boa noite
Hi/hello = oi/olá
Nice to meet you = prazer (em conhecê-lo)
Please = por favor
Thank you = obrigado(a)
Excuse me = com licença
Welcome= bem-vindo(a)

The World Cup officially starts at 3pm (- 3 UTC) and the first match is Brazil against Croatia at 5pm (- 3 UTC). If you’re visiting Brazil for the World Cup, welcome! And enjoy your favorite games sipping a caipirinha and eating frango à passarinho (Brazilian-style deep-fried chicken).

Useful resources:
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