Five things to be grateful for


It’s past mid-November, and I have several reasons to celebrate it: it’s my 5-year business anniversary this month, today is Thanksgiving and the Holidays are just around the corner (as is my birthday right after them). And even a few months ago, I already had that lucky feeling of mission accomplished this year, when you feel the year can already end, because plenty of good things have already happened and you couldn’t be happier. I hope you know what I mean, because it certainly feels fantastic.

We do not celebrate Thanksgiving here in Brazil, but I think it’s a shame. People seem to take pleasure in complaining, but not in being grateful and acknowledging the good, instead of the bad. (And here I am, complaining about people who complain. It’s a vicious circle, you see?)

A Brazilian runner I follow on Instagram, Débora Aquino, once mentioned a Brazilian entrepreneur, Bel Pesce. Débora always talks about being grateful and not complaining, talking about other people behind their back and the like, and one of those times she mentioned Bel, saying people like this young entrepreneur do not have time to complain and talk about other people because they are always busy building something and innovating. (Obviously, I immediately started following Bel as well and can confirm she is indeed an amazing professional.)

Therefore, as a celebration of my 5-year business anniversary, I decided to list 5 things I’m grateful for this year:

  1. Having a job.
    Or even better: being able to do what I love and love what I do. After all, isn’t that a blessing?
    This end of the year, the project flow has been slower than usual. I could complain. Instead, I choose to focus my free time on other things that demand my attention and take the time to innovate, have new ideas, brainstorm, etc. Besides, I still have a “job” and I still get to do what I love.
  2. Choosing a healthy lifestyle.
    In fact, my lifetime decision to change to a healthy lifestyle was made last year: I completely changed from being a sedentary person who crazily ate absolutely everything it was in front of her to someone who started exercising and following a healthy diet. This year, however, I took everything to the next level: started running 10 km; playing tennis for good, including taking part in a competition (I’m currently in the semi-finals); and weight-lifting. Exercising and eating healthily are now part of my normal routine and it feels great.
  3. Friends and colleagues.
    It’s no secret my friends have always been like family to me. Having lived far from home for many years, they turned out to be my home-away family, so they do have a very special reserved space in my heart.
    And translation has brought me several wonderful colleagues, many of which I can now call friends. Many of them I only met online, some Brazilian ones I had already had the chance to meet in person, but some other international ones I had the great pleasure of meeting in person this year, at the IAPTI conference in Bordeaux, France, to name but a few: Chiara Bartolozzi, Emma Becciu, Marta Prieto, Mila Rapizo, Gala Amat (with whom I shared a flat), Rita Maia, Paula Arturo, Vanessa Marques. (Please forgive me if I haven’t mentioned your name, but you are all equally important.) Besides, one of the greatest things that the conference provided to me was to finally meet Marta Stelmaszak and Valeria Aliperta, my role models, in person and to attend one of their talks.
    After all, working as freelance, all by ourselves behind a computer at our (home) office is nothing without our colleagues, right?
  4. Being able to afford a comfortable lifestyle.
    I’m a wanderluster, and translation allows me to travel a lot, sometimes even more than once a year, as was the case this year: I had the chance of traveling to Fernando de Noronha island, one of the greatest (if not the greatest) beach destinations in Brazil with my wanderluster friends in April, and to Europe in September, also with a dear friend.
    I’m able to have a healthy and balanced lifestyle.
    I was able to move out and live by myself again.
    I can afford to buy things I love, and not simply wish I had them.
    I was finally able to buy my very first car.
    I know things and money do not equal happiness, but they certainly help.
  5. You!
    Yes, you! If it weren’t for all my followers, supporters and blog readers, I wouldn’t be compelled to keep passing on what I know and increasingly wanting to learn more to do so. You keep me going and motivate me to innovate and always help. Thank you! 🙂

Reflecting on our accomplishments and writing them down make them feel real and avoid us from taking them for granted. We all have gifts in life, lessons learned and achievements every year, and I think it’s important to acknowledge them and be thankful before moving on and setting new goals and resolutions. Also, reward yourself on your achievements and reflect upon what didn’t go right in order to change and innovate, instead of keeping the same old mistakes. The time is now. I can already feel Christmas approaching. How about you?

P.S.: I love you!

Just kidding! LOL I couldn’t miss the joke.

Now, seriously, I’ve just received 200 likes on the blog with this post, so there’s something else to be grateful for. Thank you! And I guess I do love you as well, after all. 🙂

Giving thanks

Hello, dear followers! How are you doing? Are you ready for December?

As for me, I’m having a lazy and rather sleepy morning, so I decided to start the day with our weekly post to see if I manage to “wake up”.


As you know, today is Thanksgiving. (I love it when special days fall on Thursdays! :D) Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated in the US and in Canada every year, on the fourth Thursday of November. It is a religious holiday that does not really belong to any religion in particular. People gather with their families and friends around a table filled with food to give thanks for everything.

In Brazil, we call it Dia de Ação de Graças, but we do not celebrate it at all – it is not even a holiday actually.

However, I do like the idea of being thankful and using the date as an “excuse” to acknowledge all good things that have happened.

This year, I’m thankful for:

  • First of all, as always, my family. We lost one member, but won another, and another one is on his/her way.
  • Secondly, also as always, my friends, who are like family to me. They are always there for me when I need, always by my side in the good and the bad moments.
  • My professional life. I work with something I love the way I have always dreamed of. I wouldn’t change it a tiny bit.
  • The incredible year I had, both professionally and personally. I achieved many goals and accomplished wonders. I also completely changed my health life, and now have a perfect exercise and diet routine.
  • Meeting wonderful people who acknowledge my work and are incredible human beings. And all the other colleagues, for still being there and brightening up my day, every day.
  • And last but not least, you, my readers, of course, for reading, liking, commenting and sharing my posts.


After writing this year’s list, I read last year’s. It is interesting to see the things we were grateful for in the past – what remains the same and what has changed.

Wouldn’t you also like to take this chance to thank for something?

Happy Thanksgiving!

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