Neither a night owl nor an early riser

Missed me? I surely missed you all! Not one day goes by without me feeling guilty for not being so present on the blog. I will not excuse myself anymore. Something must be done! I’m already having some thoughts here as to how to revive my cherished blog and give it a fresh air. Meanwhile, please bear with me, since both my personal posts and the guest posts may be scarce.

However, today I found myself having an unexpected gap on my schedule, so I decided to write about a topic that was in my mind for a while.

You must have already read articles related to being a night owl or an early riser, right? All the discussions around being one or the other always intrigued me, because, you know, I always felt I was neither! Let me explain…

Night owls are people who enjoy working and doing any kind of activity, as the name says, at night. These people usually work all night long or prefer to work in the evening until late. Therefore, they hate waking up early or simply don’t wake up early because they need to sleep at some point.

Early risers, on the other hand, are the opposite. They enjoy waking up really early and are usually the most productive during the morning.

As for me, I completely despise having to wake up early. Waking up is my most difficult task of my day – especially now that winter is coming here in Brazil and it’s getting pretty chilly. My alarm clock goes off at 7:15 a.m. every single morning. Depending on my schedule for the day, I get up (not wake up, mind you) almost instantly. If it’s not that tight, I can postpone getting up up to one hour.

“So you’re a night owl! What’s the catch?”

The catch is I cannot function properly anymore after 6 p.m. And I say anymore because in my first year(s) I used to work almost non-stop, sleeping (when I slept) three to four hours at the most, so I worked until late at night. Nowadays, that’s impossible! I get really tired, cannot concentrate, my brain doesn’t work.

All in all, I usually work from 9 a.m. through 5 p.m., from Monday through Friday. Those are my business hours. And, yes, that is totally possible!

How about you? Are you a night owl or an early riser? Or neither, just like me? I look forward to hearing from you… 🙂

5 thoughts on “Neither a night owl nor an early riser

  1. I’m usually neither, though I’d say, if I had to choose sides, I am more of a night owl. I used to be an early riser, but now I find it easier to stay up until late than to wake up really early. Of course, sometimes you just have to, so I do it. However, when I say night owl, I mean I go to bed between midnight and 1 am (not necessarily working until then, mind you).


    • Yes, you’re right. Sometimes we just don’t have a choice. But those times are exceptions, lucky us.
      When I have to choose, I also prefer staying up late than waking up early as well. However, I must admit I kind of envy those people who can wake up really early, because I think the day is more productive.
      Thanks for visiting and commenting, Alina! 🙂


  2. It really depends on the day! LOL Sometimes I enjoy working very early in the morning, sometimes I prefer working late. Still, having children now means that I don’t really work whenever I want, so it’s usually from 9AM until 7PM, with many breaks for school, etc.


    • Sometimes I forget not all translators are single as me. lol Having a spouse and/or children certainly changes things completely. The reality of a freelancer who is single is different from that of a married one. While the first is the master of their own time, the latter depends on other people.
      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, Nancy! 🙂


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