Happy birthday to us!


Yaaaay! Today the blog is turning one year old! How cool is that?

Happy birthday to us!!!

Let’s look back and see what we’ve been through so far.

  • On this day last year I published my very first blog post, Welcome, and launched the blog Carol’s Adventures in Translation.
  • In the beginning of the year, I decided to start an editorial calendar and a series of guest posts. Our first guest post was on proofreading (in Portuguese), O (incompreendido) revisor, by Beatriz Camacho, on February 4. Since then, every Tuesday we have a guest writing about an interesting and specific topic on translation and every Thursday I write our weekly posts.
  • So far, we’ve had 59 posts, both in English and in Portuguese. 25 of them are from beloved guests.
  • Best daily views ever: 648 on March 17. In total, we had 12,060 views.
  • Our top post for all days is a Weekly post in Portuguese, 22 dicas importantes sobre alguns erros comuns em português, with 3,342 views.
  • Our views have come most from Brazil (6,703), and the runner-up is the United States (1,087).
  • The blog has been visited by people from exactly 109 different countries!
  • 41 people follow the blog.
  • There were 24 comments on all posts so far.

Amazing stats, right? And all of them are thanks to you, dear readers! Thank you for always checking back, reading all posts, commenting and sharing! Ow, and now, I also have to thank the blog’s translators! You all rock! 😀

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