I-Am-SorryDear readers,

I would like to break my long absence first of all apologizing for it, before I move on and go back to normal blogging routine. I feel I owe you some explanations as to the reasons that led to my absence.

Some time ago I went through some pretty rough time (I lost my young father all of a sudden) which had me change a lot of things in my life. Because of that, I was not able to think about social media or blogging. I kept working though, and not surprisingly, translation turned out to be my “safe harbor.” It helped me focus on something that is really important in my life, soothing the healing period.

I would also like to ask you, my dear readers, not to give up on me. I promise the blog will be up and running at full speed very soon.

Carol’s Adventures in Translation is my latest and most challenging baby project, and I do not plan on giving up on it that easily.

Stay tuned for new, interesting adventures coming up soon!

Yours truly,


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