Love is in the Air


As some (or all) of you know, I’m Brazilian. And in Brazil, Valentine’s Day (Dia dos Namorados) is on June 12. 

Besides, I’m single. 

No reasons to celebrate Valentine’s Day today or even to enjoy all the love being spread on the internet then, right? 


I actually like Valentine’s Day. I do. Yes, the North-American one, celebrated today. 

In Brazil, the day is celebrated exclusively by those who have a girlfriend/boyfriend, husband/wife. Now that is boring, because, of course, it does not include me. However, the North-American one, on the other hand, embraces the idea of love. And love is not exclusive to lovers per se, but to friends and anything else you might actually… love! Now that includes pretty much everybody (unless you are a grumpy person that does not love absolutely anything). 

Because of that, I decided to treat you with a bonus post this week! I want to share with you my love for… 

  • Translation. I love my job! If you are a translator and also love what you do or if you are not a translator, but love your translator or simply support us, this is a great opportunity to spread the love! Have you already heard of these wonderful initiatives: Love Your Translator and Pro and Proud? Access the links, learn more and help us spread the love. 
  • You! My lovely readers who follow my posts, read them, share them, comment, follow me on social media. I ♥ you!

Here’s a Happy Valentine’s Day full of love to you all! 

My present to you is this great list of love-related articles. Enjoy!

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