Language competition, TweetUp and vacation

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First of all, I’d like to thank all of you, my readers, for all the support you give to this blog. You always surprise me with comments and compliments on our posts (mine and from our lovely guests). They mean a lot to me and make me dedicate myself to the blog even more.


That being said, today’s post will be about three topics, which are actually announcements.

1. Top 100 Language Lovers 2014 competition

This week, the language portal and the Lexiophiles language blog announced the start of this year’s contest: the Top 100 Language Lovers 2014 competition. There are five categories: Language Learning Blog, Language Professional Blog, Language Facebook Page, Language Twitter Account and Language YouTube Channel. For now, they are only asking our help to nominate our favorites on those categories.

Obviously, I have already nominated my blog, my Facebook page and my Twitter account (I don’t have a professional YouTube channel yet). If you also think my blog, my Facebook page and/or my Twitter deserve being nominated, I kindly ask you to access this link and do it. Required information to do so:

Name of nominee: Caroline Alberoni
Email of nominee: caroline(at)alberoni(dot)com(dot)br
URL of page/blog: please find URLs of my Facebook page and Twitter account above by clicking on the hyperlinks
Category: second, third and forth, respectively

Nominations end on May 19th.

Thank you in advance for you support and trust! 🙂

2. TweetUp

Since this is a topic specifically for Brazilians, I’ll write in Portuguese. If you aren’t a lucky Brazilian, please go straight to topic 3 below. 😉

Há algum tempo, anunciei uma surpresa aos meus seguidores brasileiros do Twitter. Tentei um envolvimento com eles, mas foi em vão. Portanto, a surpresa será anunciada mesmo assim e, caso vocês gostem da ideia e tenham Twitter, podemos levá-la adiante.

Vocês sabem o que é um TweetUp?

Um TweetUp é um encontro de seguidores do Twitter. A priori, é um encontro informal, normalmente em um barzinho ou em um café, em que os tweeps se encontram para bater um papo e trocar ideias. A ideia já é usada por tradutores de outras partes do mundo (Bruxelas, Londres, Alicante, Atenas) e, como a achei bastante interessante e divertida, pensei em organizar um TweetUp em São Paulo. No entanto, para isso, preciso de participantes! Como no Twitter ninguém se manifestou (talvez as pessoas ainda estejam acanhadas), gostaria de saber quem de vocês, seguidores do blog (e do Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest), tem Twitter, gostou da ideia e teria interesse em participar.

Quem topa marcar um encontro de tradutores e intérpretes em São Paulo para networking, nos conhecermos, batermos um papo, relaxarmos um pouco, trocarmos uma ideia?

Ainda não é meu seguidor no Twitter? Está esperando o quê para me seguir? -> @AlberoniTrans

Não é tuiteiro? Talvez esta seja a sua chance de criar uma conta, me seguir e participar!

O Twitter é minha plataforma social preferida. A integração que ele possibilita é fantástica! E os tuiteiros do mundo inteiro são pessoas incríveis, carismáticas e mega queridas!

Estou aguardando a opinião de vocês quanto ao TweetUp, ok? Mandem-me mensagens aqui pela publicação, no Facebook, no próprio Twitter, no Google+, no LinkedIn, por email ou sinal de fumaça, se preferirem, mas não deixem de me dizer o que pensam e se topam participar. Aguardo ansiosamente o contato de vocês! 🙂

3. Vacation

I’ll finally have a well-deserved and much longed for vacation! 😀

Two dear Polish friends who live in England will be visiting Brazil for the first time and I took advantage of it to take a two-week vacation. I’ll take them to different places in Brazil so they can have a general idea of the country, therefore, I’ll be totally out-of-reach. No work, no blog posts, no engagement on Twitter, no updates on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest, nothing, for two dreamy detox weeks. Therefore, don’t worry if you don’t hear from me. I won’t be dead, only on vacation. 😉

When? From May 16th to June 1st.

I’ll wrap things up on May 15th and be back at full speed on June 2nd. Please try not to miss me too much during this period! 🙂

Meanwhile, I look forward to your nominations on the Top 100 Language Lovers competition and to your opinions on a possible #SPTweetUp (the first Brazilian TweetUp, in São Paulo).

Carol’s Adventures in Blogging


I’m sorry if this is getting boring (me bragging all the time about my – small but steady – achievements), but you are the reason of all these achievements, so I feel I have to share my happiness with you.

You know, being a translator has always been a dream. A dream come true with a lot of hard work, dedication, commitment, sleepless nights, endless mugs of white coffee, working weekends and holidays, and much more. It was not easy, but that’s what makes it even more special.

And after this dream came true, I kept (and still do) learning a lot from my colleagues. I fell in love with branding, social media and networking. I just love managing all my social networks, reading and sharing interesting stuff, engaging and interacting with other translatos and readers. However, it wasn’t until mid 2013 that I finally decided (and got the courage) to have a blog. I was afraid I wouldn’t know what to write, I would sound like a fool, my blog would be just another blog out there, etc. Even after I started it, I wasn’t feeling confident. I would only write when I felt like doing so, i.e. once in a long while. So, in the beginning of the year, I decided to have an editorial calendar and to invite people to write weekly posts. That way, I’d force myself to write and I’d have constant posts. The results I’m having are just amazing! It all started with the very first guest post and it just keeps getting better and, consequently, more exciting!

Today, so far, I’ve reached the most visitors of all times: 200! I know some of you may think it’s not such a big deal, but for me it’s a HUGE deal! Besides, people are commenting a lot on my posts, which is absolutely fantastic! You should see the enormous smile on my face every time I get a notification that someone has commented on one of my posts or every time I overcome another milestone of visitors/views. It’s such a rewarding feeling! And this makes me dedicate myself even more in writing interesting posts. It’s a vicious circle.

But all this would be impossible without you, so THANK YOU for following me, reading my posts, sharing them, commeting and giving feedback. You guys rock!

P.S.: By the time I finished writing this post the blog reached 231 visitors: =D


I-Am-SorryDear readers,

I would like to break my long absence first of all apologizing for it, before I move on and go back to normal blogging routine. I feel I owe you some explanations as to the reasons that led to my absence.

Some time ago I went through some pretty rough time (I lost my young father all of a sudden) which had me change a lot of things in my life. Because of that, I was not able to think about social media or blogging. I kept working though, and not surprisingly, translation turned out to be my “safe harbor.” It helped me focus on something that is really important in my life, soothing the healing period.

I would also like to ask you, my dear readers, not to give up on me. I promise the blog will be up and running at full speed very soon.

Carol’s Adventures in Translation is my latest and most challenging baby project, and I do not plan on giving up on it that easily.

Stay tuned for new, interesting adventures coming up soon!

Yours truly,



I finally got the courage and, between a project and another, decided to start writing my blog. Yay!

Besides being a translator, I am also a social media lover, and the blog was the last thing I needed to establish my web presence. I am also on Facebook (like my fan page), Twitter (follow me), LinkedIn (add me) and Google+ (add me to your circle).

In this first post, I would like to introduce myself, tell a bit about my educational and professional background, and explain the reason why I am a translator.

I started studying English when I was 12 (I am Brazilian, therefore, Portuguese speaker). When I had to decide what I would major in at university, the only thing I knew for sure was that I loved languages, so I took a career guide and looked for something that would match this only criterion. Then I discovered there was a course very much related to languages: translation! Perfect!

After studying a lot and living in England for seven months, I started my BA in Translation at UNESP (Brazil). During the course, I had plans to take an MA course in interpreting in England. I actually applied for one at the University of SurreyImage, but one week before boarding, I was informed there would not be a Brazilian Portuguese class for interpreting, and I needed to choose another course. I ended up majoring in Translation Studies with Intercultural Communication and could not be happier about it. I guess I did not get to choose what I would be; it has chosen me!

I was very happy with the idea of being a translator – instead of an interpreter – and had plans of being a freelancer when I graduated and came back home. After two months looking for a job, I got an opportunity at a translation agency. I have been a freelance translator for almost three years now, working with several other translation agencies and direct clients. I am an extremely happy and fulfilled translator, and would not change any decisions I have made.

I take some interpreting jobs now and then, as a challenge, a way of diversifying and learning more, but what I really enjoy doing is translating, especially IT (which has also chosen me).

In a nutshell, this is me.

I will be soon posting some more interesting stuff (besides my boring life) and hope you enjoy my blog as much as I like writing it.