Guest post: Live your passions!

Welcome back to our guest series!

Today I have the pleasure of hosting the dear Dolores Guiñazú, whom I have personally met during the ATA Conference last year.

Welcome, Dolores!


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Live your passions!

From a very early age, I pictured myself working, writing, translating and researching from an office very close to my future family and children, with the flexibility of being there fully present.

I was born in a small town in northeast Argentina, known for its reserves and wildlife, Resistencia, Chaco, close to the limits with Paraguay and Brasil. When I finished high school, I was firmed in my desire to become a Professional Translator and an Interpreter. The University in town did not offer my career, so I had to move to the “Big city”, to Buenos Aires, capital of Argentina, in order to pursue my dream.

Life was not easy at those times, as I missed a lot my family, my dear friends, my home, my daily life, everything! However, my career, new friends made and professors help me a lot in persevering and holding to my endeavor. As soon as I graduated from University, I began working as a Translator in many multinational corporations, like Pfizer, Coca Cola, Motorola, Santander Investment, among others. The experience was very fulfilling and worthy every second. All the new friends and colleagues whom I met throughout those years are deeply cherished. There, I began connecting the dots for my future daily job.

As I always wanted to keep on studying and improving my skills, I began a two-year MBA degree in the evenings, after my working schedule. In fact, I have always had two or more jobs at the same time. With my new pursuit, I pushed even harder, as this postgraduate course was difficult, very demanding, and required too many hours, whole weekends studying and being immersed in books and research papers. The experience was a blast. The professors, the best. And the experience of this association of my hometown University with Albany University was truly gorgeous. Once every two months, some teachers from US came to Argentina to teach us the latest trends and studies, the same as the University there. And all the courses were in English! I really enjoyed and seized this experience. We cannot forget the importance of continuous study, researching, reading new topics, new trends. Nowadays, more than ever, we cannot settle. The world needs us to stretch and keep on moving even further.

While at the MBA I met a new friend and she was the one who introduced me to my husband. The moment I met him, I knew he was the love of my life. I was not very young, and all my friends were already married and with kids. But, I truly believe there is a time and a moment for everything you really want to have. After getting married and while I was expecting my first son, I soon realized that one of the very first reasons why I have chosen my career had been the idea of being “my own boss”, of deciding my own times and choosing my projects. So, I made the big decision to quit my safe and awesome salary to begin working for my own Company. My dearest hubby helped me a lot in taking this huge step in my career. We are a team, and our income depended on this huge change. Changes, as always, are not easy. You have to hold on tight to your decision and move forward, not matter what. The team work I have always had and all the communities where I belonged have been really thought provoking and inspired me to raise the bar in all the projects and throughout all the years that went by.

Translation times changed a lot since my early beginnings, with a typewriter and millions of papers, liquid paper to erase mistakes, no Internet at all and with that, endless hours at libraries and researches done all over many different places and public entities. Being now in an almost paperless and extremely connected world (thanks, Internet!) makes our work in translation and communication easier and faster for all of us.

As women, some of us like the idea of having children and at the same time want to keep on doing what we love, keep on working and do the best to thrive in our careers. We know that we can accomplish our dreams. Dreams sometimes do not come true, but DECISIONS made at the right time and with deep passion and belief, DO COME TRUE.

My two boys, now at high school and my two girls at elementary school know what I do for a living, respect my working times as well as my clients and their different time zones, meaning phone calls and emails at any time and any day, and take pride in having a full time working mother. They are my inspiration and my example. Family life is hectic and breathtaking, I enjoy every minute of it. Time flies, really fast, and all of sudden my little beautiful babies are grown-up boys and girls of whom I am very proud of. I am very thankful and blessed for my life and the opportunities I have had so far. Life is a gift. Gratitude makes you feel supported and affirmed by your loved ones.

Doing what you love makes it all flow seamlessly, and you can barely distinguish when you are really working and when you are resting and having fun with your children. Passion shows in all details of our lives. Flexibility and teamwork are crucial. I am very thankful for my blessings and all the opportunities life gives me every day to keep on swimming and learning.

RESIST the urge to take the easy route. Your potential is not in your comfort zone.

Live your best life and expect more.

About the author
IMG_0002Dolores R. Guiñazú is a Certified Sworn (Court-Approved) English to Spanish Translator & Interpreter specializing in mindfulness, health care, marketing, legal & corporate communications. After graduation, she spent ten years working as an in-house translator for multinational corporations, such as Pfizer, Santander and Motorola in Argentina. Then, she continued working as a freelance translator, working in teams and with colleagues for Global Agencies as well as for direct clients all around the world. She holds an MBA in Marketing from USAL & Albany University in New York. And she is also a Spanish Copy Editor and Proofreader certified by Fundación Litterae and Fundación del Español Urgente (Fundéu). A member of the ATA (American Translators Association).

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