The New Year slowly and lazily starts today not only for me but for many other people (although I actually have to admit mine only starts for good after my birthday – which is on the 8th).

Professionally, I cannot complain about 2013. It was the year of changes:

  • I had the opportunity of working work in-house at one of my clients, so now I unquestionably assert I am a pro and proud freelancer. Do not get me wrong: it was an insightful experience. I was able to understand how an agency works and personally met some wonderful people. However, commuting to work, having to follow business hours, producing non-stop – without being able to make stops for social media or for simply walking around the house – and having to accept whatever project fell on my desk are definitely not my strong suit.
  • I stopped working for only one agency and improved – a lot – my client portfolio, including an international agency and an international direct client. You go, girl!
  • I improved my social media presence. I already had my Facebook fan page and my Twitter account since 2012, but my engagement increased last year. In 2013, I e-met some great translators from all around the world on Twitter, with whom I learned a lot, and exchanged experiences and knowledge. I finally got the courage to star my blog, created a Pinterest account and finally gave in to Google+.
  • I attended three translators’ conferences, where I personally met some colleagues, networked and met new translator friends. Besides learning a lot with all the talks, I also visited two cities I have never been to before.

As to 2014, I have a great feeling about it. I am positive it will be a blast, packed with good news, translation projects, new clients, new translation events…

  • I will keep looking for new clients and aiming increasingly higher.
  • A brand new logo is coming up, followed by a redesigned website. With it, I hope I increase my fans and followers, and their engagement in my social media. I also plan on keeping my blog up and running at full speed.
  • Unfortunately, Brazil is a bit too far from Europe, where all the great translation events take place. But I do plan on attending the IAPTI’s Conference in Athens. It would be just incredibly fantastic to meet all the great translators in person! Besides, there are the national events, which I will undoubtedly attend.

All in all, we always hope the new year is greater than the previous one, right? Why not hope that this one will also be surprisingly better?

A happy, productive and successful 2014!

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