How Many Things You Love Can You Share in 10 Minutes?


This post is a challenge I gladly accepted from Alina Cincan (Inbox Translation). As you can see on her post, she was inspired by Olga Arakelyan’s (Your Professional Translator) idea, posted here. Olga, in turn, got the idea from Judy Lee Dunn’s post “Can You Name 99 Things You Love in 10 Minutes?“. After listing the things she loves, Alina turned the whole idea into a tag game and challenged some friends of hers, including me.

The challenge is to list as many things I love as I can in 10 minutes. So here’s my list:

1. Translation (I know: duh?).
2. Languages (especially British English).
3. Japanese food (especially salmon sashimi).
4. Playing tennis.
5. Guinness.
6. Pink colour.
7. Mac products.
8. Social media. I love posting things and managing all my social media at the beginning of each day. And I do have a favourite one, Twitter. I guess it allows more interactivity and networking.
9. Watching series. I’m currently addicted to Smallville. I’ve bought the box with all the seasons, and spend my free time watching several episodes in a row. I also watch The Vampire Diaries, and still have to watch Dexter‘s last episode.
10. Reading books.
11. England.
12. Traveling.
13. A good wine (I’ve learned to love the Italian ones better).
14. Mugs.
15. Going to the movies (with a huge bowl of popcorn).
16. Hanging out with friends.
17. My nephews. I have two: a 5-year-old one, Victor, and a 5-month-yet-to-be-born one, Pedro. I’ll be Pedro’s godmother.
18. Fresh orange juice.
19. Spending my summer vacation on the beach (especially the ones in Northern Brazil).
20. Managing my brand.

It was so much fun! Thank you a lot, Alina, for turning this into a fun tag game and inviting me!

Here are some people who have already made their lists:
Plamena Nikolova
Joseph Lambert
Lloyd Bingham
Emeline Jamoul

How about you? Why don’t you also accept the challenge and write the things you love in 10 minutes?

3 thoughts on “How Many Things You Love Can You Share in 10 Minutes?

  1. Thank you, Caroline. So nice to read your list 🙂 I love tennis too. My partner and I recently started to play tennis and although I have never managed to win against him, I love it. It’s a lot of fun.

    As for series, my favourite ones were Seinfeld and Friends. I haven’t watched any recently, but I am open to suggestions.


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